Books in Motion 2018

Winsstraße 42, 10405 Berlin
16. Nov. 2018, 19 Uhr
The exhibition sheds light onto the peculiar personality of the Rollbuch; – its unique character between timelessness,
sensuality and its supposed conceptual design confronting “digital” habits of perception.

The impact of the Rollbuch as a medium is as manifold as the book’s mechanism is simple; it is all about its inherent dynamics, the motion of the content itself, and the “pageless” continuity of its storyline. The dial empowers the viewer to control the pace of the narrative; with just a very slight movement of the hand they may accelerate, slow down, halt or even invert the flow of the story. This aspect of control contrasts with the inability to skip over, since the entire storyline is printed onto one single and seemingly endless page. That means, the viewer’s attention is forced onto the present sequence, whereas the past needs to be remembered, and the future foreseen.

Often, viewers/readers experience a certain meditative effect; the medium seems to softly force them into contemplation and towards themselves, rather than their attention being dispersed, as often happens when interacting with digital information channels. Beyond that, the Rollbuch keeps revealing surprising aspects of both storytelling and perception, a process that is nourished by each of the artists who contributes their particular understanding of it.

In conclusion, we may say that the Rollbuch (seemingly by its own choice) has turned out an artistic endeavour rather than “a product”, and keeps gaining momentum as a particle of current “analogue culture”, – all of which we invite you to investigate in the current exhibition at

List of Rollbuch and its Artists
1. Nicolas Manenti: The upper Hand
2. Kensa Hung: Monster in the pocket
3. Alice Yu: Artists electroencephalography
4. Ann-Christin Müller: Octo
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初代懷中妖怪圖卷-樂善堂王仲銘中學推廣閱讀計劃 NOV-2018


童年在寵物小精靈中度過,會以背默小精靈名稱認叻,繼而是臨摹小精靈為樂,到現在背畫耿鬼己經成為絕活。  百鬼夜行是日本傳統水墨的常見題材,很多小精靈中不乏神話傳統民間故事背景,是次以此為題作卷,望合各同學口味,供於左氏列傳與二次方程間偷個閒。  是次有幸獲校長先生邀請將圖卷展於你們的校舍中,實為難得,圖卷能長放在圖書館內,貼上借閱卡,與你們分享,更為畫人之幸福。亦望此牆能盡快換上你們的作品。  



【推廣閱讀 x Pokemon x 初代懷中妖怪圖卷】



中文科- 閱讀及參考《山海經傳》(諾貝爾文學獎得主高行建先生作品)、聊齋等作品,並進行故事創作。
英文科-電子媒介製作 Treasure Hunt 尋找妖怪遊戲,認識相關動物名稱。



初代懷中妖怪圖卷 2018




轉數快 60412846
Bank of China 012 751 1 038430 8 Hung Chung Kit
HSBC 191 729979 292 Hung Chung Kit

詳情可電郵 聯繫,謝謝。

隱形香港 訪問 22-JUN-2018